Friday 1 February 2019

Most Frequent Power Quality Disturbances & its Impact on Industries

Widespread use of electronic equipment(for e.g. VSD, PLC, automation & data processors, inverters,computerized numerical control, etc.) in today’s industrial environment, various PQ problems like voltage dips, short / long interruptions, harmonics, transients & surges and other PQ related problems are frequently encountered. Such interruptions cause huge financial losses both – to the utility and to the end-consumer. 

Some of the key physical manifestations of the PQ issues are mentioned below:
Equipment affected due to poor PQ
External Manifestation of poor PQ
Electrical PQ problem
Relays, contactors and circuit breakers
Nuisance tripping of protective devices
Distorted voltage waveform because of voltage dip
Telecommunication system
Noise interference to telecommunication lines
Electrical noise causing
interference signals
Variable speed drives, welding equipment, security, converters, access control systems, etc.
Motors or process equipment are damaged / Overheating of motors
Capacitor bank failure, shocks due to neutral voltage, Flickering of lights, noise in telecom lines
Motors and process devices
Motors or other process equipment fails or malfunctions
Presence of voltage and current harmonics in the power supply
Sensitive measurements of process control equipment
Loss of synchronization of processing equipment
Severe harmonic distortion creating additional zero-crossings within a cycle of the sine wave
Data Processing / IT equipment (that are sensitive to change in voltage signal)
Computer Screen Freeze, lock-ups / Loss of Data
Voltage Variation

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