Tuesday 4 August 2020

Li-ION vs. lead-acid batteries - which is best for your operation?

One of the most important components of an electric kart is the battery. So, we will help you compare the most common solutions:  lead acid or lithium.

Most of the electric karts on the market equip lead acid batteries. However, even though more than 90% of the sector is concentrated on this type of batteries as they are more economical, acquiring lithium batteries will make the investment much more profitable because of its multiple advantages.

Differences between lithium and lead acid batteries

The main differences wherein lithium batteries stand out more than traditional lead acid batteries are as follows:

They provide higher energy density: Lithium ion is a more cutting-edge type of battery, unlike traditional lead acid battery, has a much higher energy density and therefore can store energy while taking up less space with a lower weight. In addition, they are differentiated by their energy efficiency and higher performance, since they are 30% more energy efficient than a tradition battery of lead acid, that is, they represent a lower energy consumption, achieving even better results than those that would be achieved with lead acid batteries.