Wednesday 15 July 2020

Checklist to Identify When Power Quality Analysis Required

The following checklist identifies situations where an engineering study is probably required.     

Mandatory Power Quality Analysis is required unders following Conditions:

  • capacitors are being added for the first time
  • capacitors are currently installed and additional capacitors are being added
  • capacitors are currently installed and problems are being encountered.   
  • If capacitors being added to a system where 20% of the connected load is harmonic sources?
  • If there been unexplained operations of fuses or other protective devices
  • If the  measured RMS capacitor currents 135% (or greater) of rated current
  • If  there been any failures of capacitors currently installed at the facility
  • If there been any instances of swelling or unusual noises on capacitors currently installed at the facility
  • If there been unexplained failures or misoperations of sensitive equipment?
  • If there been an unusual number of motor and failures or unexplained motor failures?
  • Has the utility imposed harmonic limits?
  • Is a plant expansion currently being planned that might include additional harmonic sources?
  • Is there on-site generation that will provide power to a significant number of harmonic sources?
Good power quality is extremely important in “high-tech” facilities such as manufacturing plants, data centres, hospitals, and, as well as in “low-tech” facilities such as government buildings and commercial enterprises with limited tolerance for electrical disturbances. See the Below Article