Friday 31 August 2018

Panchsheel Benefits of Power Quality Studies @ Industries

In order for your Industry or Plant to run efficiently and effectively, you need electricity. If you experience a dip or spike in power, your efficiency suffers, and you run the risk of several other problems. In order to prevent issues and allow your industry to perform at its best, you need to conduct power quality studies. A power quality study refers to the delivery of the necessary energy to electronic equipment in order for it to run properly. 
Here are a Major benefits of power quality studies why you need them for your Industry.

What is a Power Quality Study?

A power quality study measures the supply of power to AC power units. This includes voltage, current or power factor. A sudden, or even a gradual, change in power can greatly affect your power quality, reducing your efficiency or causing other problems.

1. Power Quality Studies Detect Disturbances
Power quality studies are diagnostic tests performed on your machines to tell how they are doing. Pro Circuit provides temporary monitoring of these machines and your power systems to check for power distribution and possible disturbances that can decrease productivity. By detecting issues early on, you can fix them before they become much bigger problems.

2.Power Quality Studies Prevent Interruptions

When you have an interruption of power – be it a dip, a spike, a surge or an outage – your service, and your machines, stops, even if only briefly. Even a brief interruption, especially several over many days, weeks or months, can lead to significant decreases in efficiency and productivity. When you suffer these interruptions, your output, in turn, suffers as well.

3.Power Quality Studies Save Money

If your power is not optimal, or is interrupted, your business faces severe decreases in productivity. Not only that, but power surges or dips can lead to malfunctioning, or even broken, equipment. When this happens, you need to have your machinery fixed. These fixes can be costly. So, not only do you lose out on money because you’re not producing as much as you would normally be able to, but you lose even more to repairs. By not earning as much and spending more, this brings you further away from your financial goals. By finding issues head on, power quality studies not only help you save money, they can even help you generate more revenue in the long run.

4.Power Quality Studies Allow for New Machinery

If you add new machinery, your power gets redistributed in an attempt to run it along with all of your current machines. If your service or panel isn’t big enough, you are likely to run into dips in power and decreased productivity. Before you add new equipment, a power quality study can tell you if you need to upgrade your service or increase the size of your panel in order to keep your efficiency and productivity the same, if not better.

5.Power Quality Studies Increase Safety

If power is improperly provided to machines, they run the risk of overheating. When machines overheat, they run the risk of breaking down. Some overheated machines can even catch fire, which creates a very dangerous situation for not just your business, but your employees as well. When your business is destroyed by fire, you lose money to repairs and by being completely shut down. But if the fire is devastating enough, your employees could be injured, if not worse. Power quality studies can help prevent any of these problems from happening by detecting issues early on.

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